Elder Care Coordination

Health Care Isn't As Simple As It Used To Be

There's a lot to keep track of, and a complex network of care providers to navigate. Many families need help finding and coordinating healthcare for their older loved ones. They need help with decision-making as the elder’s condition progresses. That’s why care coordination services are so important!

Whether your loved one is living at home, at an assisted living facility or in a nursing home, you can relax in the knowledge that his or her care is being coordinated by a team of caring professionals who have extensive knowledge about the costs, quality, and availability of resources in the community.

An Elder Care Coordinator oversees the coordination of your loved one's health and long-term care, serves as your advocate and empowers you with the knowledge you need to make the right decisions for your loved one in every circumstance.

Sub-Services Provided

  • Conduct Care Assessments
  • Coordinate with Medical & Health Care Providers
  • Provide Support, Guidance, & Advocacy During a Crisis
  • Collaborate with All Members of Your Support Team

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An Elder Care Coordinator helps bridge the gap between legal guidance and medical care. This individual helps you navigate the complicated web of medical care while ensuring that your wishes are considered, and your best interest are protected. We can help conduct care assessments, help locate additional services, review medical issue and make referrals to specialists, help you plan for the future, and provide education, counseling and support.

Our goal in elder care coordination is to foster cooperation between all health care and long-term care providers and make sure that you and your family understand the questions being asked and the medical context surrounding your care. You likely don’t have the medical expertise to make a fully informed decision. With an Elder Care Coordinator on your team, you will!

Lauren has a BA in Psychology from DePaul University and a Master’s in Social Work from Loyola University., as well as certifications in Crisis Prevention, Mental Health First Aid, Dementia care, and Medicare/Medicaid. Her training and experience help her bridge the medical, emotional, and legal aspects of the aging process.

Contact Information

Lauren Ciannelli, BA, MSW, CDP