Our Founders

Gina Knight

Gina Knight

Certified Aging in Place Specialist

Gina Knight, President of Kastle Keeper LLC, has over 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial contracting. Gina’s professional experience in residential and commercial contracting provided the groundwork for the success of Kastle Keeper as the leading consultant in simplifying “Senior Crisis Management.” 

Kastle Keeper understands regardless how carefully you plan taking care of yourself and loved ones, life is filled with unexpected circumstances. Even the most well-prepared seniors and their families ask themselves “where, how and what do I even begin to do first?”  The mission of Kastle Keeper is to immediately make life easier for seniors and their families.

  • Mom or Dad fell and they are coming home from the hospital; What do I do?
  • Immediate need in dealing with new mobility issues
  • Family does not live near the senior
  • Immediate transition to senior living community required

Gina Knight is the Founder & Chairman of the National Aging In Place Council-Chicagoland chapter along with being a certified Nationally licensed Aging in Place specialist.